Available Instructor Resources

Instructor's Manual (revised by Holly Thomas, Carleton University)

Each chapter contains a chapter overview, learning objectives, list of key terms, discussion, debate, or activity ideas, and multimedia resources. 

Test Generator—Also available in Microsoft Word format! (Revised by Holly Thomas, Carleton University)

Each chapter contains 25 multiple choice questions, 25 true or false questions, and 25 short answer questions. All questions include answers and page references. 

PowerPoint Slides (By Steven Prus, Carleton University)

Each chapter contains 15–25 slides. 

Other resources for Aging as a Social Process 7e Instructor Resources

Available Student Resources (By Bonnie Schroeder, University of Ottawa)

Study Guide

Each chapter contains learning objectives and key facts, key terms with definitions, links to additional resources, and short-answer study questions. 

Practice Quiz

Test your knowledge of the concepts and theories in each chapter! Each chapter contains 10 multiple choice questions and 5 true or false questions. 

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