All new print and electronic versions of Discovering Music 3e come with access to a full suite of engaging digital learning tools that work with the text to bring content to life and build critical listening skills.

Digital access to Discovering Music 3e includes the following resources:

  • An enhanced eBook integrates Larry Todd's engaging narrative with a rich assortment of audio and video resources.
  • Streaming audio provides students with access to high quality recordings of all 78 key pieces discussed in the text
  • Digital Listening Maps animate the First Listen and (new to this edition) Deeper Listen segments of the 78 in-text Listening Maps, making it easier for students to follow along with the music
  • A collection of 56 engaging videos provides hours of rich multimedia content (and most with assessment):
    • Custom videos include Why to Study Music, Elements of Music, and Western Classical Music across Time.
    • Twenty-three author videos feature R. Larry Todd explaining and demonstrating key concepts
    • Fifteen instrument videos created specifically for Oxford University Press and hosted by members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra introduce students to instruments of the orchestra while offering reflections on the importance of classical music from a diverse group of practicing musicians
    • Nine early instrument demonstrations from the Peabody Conservatory give students insight into instruments they are unlikely to have encountered in contemporary music
    • Seven non-Western music demonstrations and performances enrich the text’s new Global Connections features
    • Four opera performance videos give students the opportunity to experience both the visual and audio aspects of this art form.
  • Interactive timelines for Parts II through VII allow for further exploration of the music and historical context outside of the textual narrative. From the timeline, jump right into the rich content that interests you.
  • Further reading on key musicians and their work bring the past to life with additional listening maps and primary sources.

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