Augustine, Groh, Huettel, LaMantia, White, Neuroscience 7e

  • Biology and Life Sciences
  • Neuroscience


This text provides a bridge between the undergraduate and medical school worlds. It providing value by clearly demonstrating the relevance of neuroscience to the careers of future medical school students, and developing core neuroscience understanding for current medical school students with a balance of animal, human, and clinical studies that discuss the dynamic field of neuroscience from cellular signaling to cognitive function. The challenge for instructors of this course is to find a text that successfully targets their student audience. This new edition accomplishes this through the provision of clear learning objectives, more concise sections, thorough and comprehensive coverage of the field, and presentation of new and cutting edge research. The enhanced e-book available with the new edition keeps students engaged in the content, as does the Sylvius 4 Online neuroanatomy tutorial.

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