Available Instructor Resources 

Instructor's Manual (revised by Lauren Sneyd, St Francis Xavier University)
Each chapter includes a chapter summary, learning objectives, key concepts, discussion and debate ideas, annotated film and news clips, and teaching aids.

Test Generator (revised by Martin Gaal, University of Saskatchewan)—Also available in Microsoft Word format
Each chapter includes 25 multiple choice questions, 25 true or false questions, and 20 short answer questions.

Powerpoint Slides (revised by Prateep Nayak, University of Waterloo) 
Each chapter includes 15-20 slides.


Other resources for Introduction to International Development 3e Instructor Resources

Available Student Resources (revised by Mahmoud Masaeli, University of Ottawa)

Study Guide 
Each chapter includes a chapter summary, list of video resources, and review questions with answers.

Practice Quizzes 
Each chapter includes 15 multiple choice questions and 15 true or false questions.

Key Term Flashcards 
Each chapter includes flashcards with key terms and definitions.


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