Environmental Taxes and Intergenerational Justice
  1. What are environmental taxes and how could they work to redress the threats climate change poses?
  1. What is the extent of our duties to future generations? Is there a persuasive argument for providing future generations with equally valuable prospects to those we inherited, and persuasive arguments against providing them merely with sufficiently valuable prospects?
  1. What is the non-identity problem, and how does it challenge arguments for extensive duties to future generations? Are there any persuasive replies to this challenge?
  1. Should those who have contributed greater emissions in the past and/or those who have benefitted from historical emissions shoulder a greater burden of the costs involved in redressing climate change? If so, does this refute the case for environmental taxes?
  1. What other arguments are there against environmental taxes? How fatal to their defence are the worries that they will be regressive and deny (some) people access to activities many people value?
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