1. What reasons does Locke give for rejecting the notion of innate ideas? According to Locke, what is the difference between primary and secondary qualities?
  2. Briefly explain the difference between rationalism and empiricism. Which view do you find more plausible? Why?
  3. Why is Hume skeptical about metaphysical issues?
  4. Do you think, as Descartes says, we can know some facts about the world without using our senses? Why or why not? Do you think John Locke's theory is more plausible than Descartes's? Explain.
  5. What is Kant's constructionist theory of knowledge? Is it plausible that we, in effect, constitute the world? Why or why not?
  6. Following Locke, apply an inference-to-the-best-explanation argument to the notion that we are all now living in the Matrix. According to this argument, is it plausible that we are in the Matrix?
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