Singleton/Straits, Approaches to Social Research 6e Student Resources

Flow of Information

Using Hurricane Katrina as an example, this page illustrates the flow of information about an event over time, identifying the various forms that it takes and where it is found.

Using Boolean Logic, Truncation, and Wildcards in Keyword Searching


Whether you are searching the web or the library’s electronic databases, a few strategies applying Boolean logic, truncation symbols, and wildcard symbols can make your searches more productive. Named for Irish mathematician George Boole, Boolean logic is based on three operators—AND, OR, and NOT. Using these operators will enable you to narrow or expand searches more effectively and thus get better search results. Numerous web sites provide instruction in the use of Boolean Logic in keyword searching. This site, from MIT Libraries, provides database search tips, including the use of Boolean logic, truncation, and wildcards.

Evaluating Web Pages (

This tutorial from the University of California, Berkeley, library provides a thorough list of techniques and questions to ask in evaluating information posted on the web.

ASA Quick Style Guide (

This site from the American Sociological Association provides a two-page style sheet that students can access and copy for their own use.