Primary goal is to develop a theoretical understanding of the social world.

May consist of effect assessment and/or efficiency assessment.

Evaluates the consequences of a policy or project for individuals, groups, and communities.

Used to make an experimental program representative of the conditions under which the program would be implemented.

May be used to establish priorities among problem areas within a community.

In the TARP study, this form of evaluation determined if the randomization procedure worked and payment benefits were delivered as planned.

Evaluation researchers are constrained by and beholden to various ________.

Flourished after the social legislation of the 1960s.

May occur when subjects are aware of which experimental condition they are in.

Can help determine if a program is worth continuing or funding on a larger scale.

Much like pretesting, this type of study is used to improve the design of social programs.

Aggregate measures of important social conditions that are used to identify trends.