NOTE: There are many online resources for “qualitative research,” which includes but is not limited to field research as described in Chapter 11.

Qualitative Research Guidelines Project (

Designed specifically for researchers in healthcare settings, this site is intended to provide “a comprehensive guide” “for people developing, evaluating and engaging in qualitative research projects.” For those who want to obtain further information on qualitative research, there are links providing background information on different qualitative traditions and approaches, guidelines for reviewing qualitative research reports, and guidelines for designing, analyzing, and reporting qualitative research.

YouTube as a Qualitative Research Asset (

This online article by Ronald Chenail provides an annotated list, with links, of the numerous YouTube videos on qualitative research available as of January, 2011. Chenail organizes the list into “four general categories of videos: Introductory Overviews and How To’s, Data Generation and Collection, and Study Results.”

Online QDA (

This site provides a wealth of learning materials for those undertaking qualitative data analysis and for those using Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS) software. Click “How to use” for a 4-minute video that introduces users to the web site. Especially useful for novice researchers are pages on data preparation, coding, and writing, and audio and video tutorials on developing, revising, and simplifying the coding scheme.

Five Short Videos from a Lecture on Grounded Theory (

This set of videos, available on the Online QDA web site, provide an excellent introduction to grounded theory methods. Professor Graham Gibbs covers the core elements of grounded theory methods, explains open, axial, and selective coding, and discusses important grounded theorists and critiques of grounded theory. According to the web site, all videos may be shown in class or assigned as supplementary resources.