37. Chakrabarty

Web Links

Cooper, T. (2014) Why we Still Need a Human History in the Anthropocene. Available at: https://blogs.exeter.ac.uk/historyenvironmentfuture/2014/02/06/167/ A criticism of Chakrabarty’s views on the undifferentiated human species as the key agent in climate change.

Chakrabarty, Dipesh (2016) Keynote address on Climate Change and the Scales of Environment. Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwBc9FRkCT4 Includes insights into the problem of the growing human footprint on the planet and discussions on inter-species justice.

Hartley, D. (2015) Against the Anthropocene, Salvage. Available at: https://salvage.zone/in-print/against-the-anthropocene/ A Marxist perspective on the Anthropocene that rejects Chakrabarty’s assumptions of a common humanity.

Schulz, K. A. (2017) ‘Decolonising the Anthropocene: The Mytho-Politics of Human Mastery’, in Woons, M. and Weier, S. (eds) Critical Epistemologies of Global Politics. E-International Relations, pp. 1–227. Available at https://www.e-ir.info/publication/critical-epistemologies-of-global-politics/ Takes issue with the colonialist idea of mastery of nature and argues for the decolonization of Western-centric debates on climate change.

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