34. Shulamith Firestone

Web Links

Margree, V. (2018), ‘Shulamith Firestone: Xenofeminism Before Her Time?’. The Mantle website - https://www.themantle.com/philosophy/shulamith-firestone-xenofeminist-her-time. On the links between Firestone and the recent Xenofeminist movement.

Marxist Internet Archive – https://www.marxists.org/subject/women/authors/firestone-shulamith/index.htm. Shulamith Firestone archive containing three short articles from Firestone’s activist days in 1968 and the first chapter of The Dialectic of Sex.

N+1 Magazine – https://nplusonemag.com/online-only/online-only/on-shulamith-firestone-preface/. Remembrances of Firestone following her death in 2012.

SisterSong website - https://www.sistersong.net/reproductive-justice. The home of the Women of Colour Reproductive Justice Collective.

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