3. Aristotle and bell hooks

Web Links

bell hooks Books: https://bellhooksbooks.com.

 Provides an overview of hooks’ publications with short descriptions of each book; includes a blog.

bell hooks Institute: http://www.bellhooksinstitute.com

Excellent resource on hooks’ life and continues her work on ending domination through creative teaching, learning, critical thinking, and writing; includes a blog.

Hirshorn, Harriet, Jhally, Sut Patierno, Mary and Talreja, Sanjay (1997). bell hooks: Cultural Criticism and Transformation. Media Education Foundation. This film and interview of bell hooks provide insights into her theory and understanding of representation in everyday culture. There is also a transcript: https://www.mediaed.org/transcripts/Bell-Hooks-Transcript.pdf

The Internet Classics Archive: https://archive.org/details/workstranslatedi05aris/page/n6/mode/2up. Includes an online copy of some of Aristotle’s work.

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