22. Iris Marion Young

Web Links

Dhanda, M. (2006) Alternative ideals: Iris Marion Young, 1949–2006, Radical Philosophy. Available at: https://www.radicalphilosophy.com/obituary/iris-marion-young-1949-2006 (Accessed: 27 May 2022). An obituary on Iris Marion Young, which captures her contributions to philosophy and political theory.

Shahid, S. (2021) ‘Understanding Academic Precarity with Iris Marion Young: Who’s Responsible?’, Blog of the APA, 31 December. Available at: https://blog.apaonline.org/2021/12/31/understanding-academic-precarity-with-iris-marion-young-whos-responsible/ (Accessed: 27 May 2022). A piece that applies Young’s conceptualizations of structural injustice and responsibility for justice to contemporary precarity in academic institutions.

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