1. Discuss the sense of meaninglessness and despair that the good, but unhappy, Brahmin feels. Why does he experience such emptiness in life?
  1. Epicureanism is often thought of as a shallow, gluttonous, profligate life of undifferentiated pleasure, whose motto has been “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die” (“the pig philosophy”). Does one get this impression from Epicurus’s writings?
  1. Is Camus being irreverent in asking such an outrageous question as “Why not commit suicide”?
  1. How does your set of values compare with Russell’s? Do you think that Russell’s philosophy of life is adequate for happiness and the good life? Compare it with the other readings in this part.
  1. What is Taylor’s idea of meaninglessness? According to him, how can our lives have meaning despite meaninglessness?
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