1. Do you think that the existence of enormous evil, such as Ivan portrays in Why Is There Evil?, counts against the existence of God? Explain why or why not.
  1. Reflect on the story of the people of Le Chambon. What were their motives? What lessons can we learn from them?
  1. What is Foot’s central point about the source of morality?
  1. Examine Taylor’s theory of good and evil and right and wrong. First, note that he claims that humans are basically conative beings—moved by will and desire—rather than rational beings. Do you agree with this? What role does he think reason plays in life?
  1. Outline the four stages in Taylor’s thought process, from a universe without conscious beings to his final stage. Where do good and evil enter in? Where do right and wrong enter in? How are the two categories related to each other? Do you agree with Taylor’s analysis? Explain your answer.
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