1. How does Blum differentiate between racial anxiety and racial discomfort?
  1. Blum describes several reasons that people are reluctant to discuss race/racism. What are some reasons he gives? What is your own experience with such conversations?
  1. What are Blum’s concerns over what he sees as an inflated use of the term “racist?”
  1. According to Naomi Zack, why is white privilege discourse not the best response to contemporary injustice?
  1. Bonilla-Silva writes “most whites insist that minorities (especially blacks) are the ones responsible for whatever ‘race problem’ we have in this country. They publicly denounce blacks for ‘playing the race card,’ for demanding the maintenance of unnecessary and divisive race-based programs, such as affirmative action, and for crying ‘racism’ whenever they are criticized by whites.” How does he defend these claims? Do you agree with Bonilla-Silva? Defend your answer.
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