Human Rights and Human Security

Learning objectives

  • Our goal in this chapter is to provide you with an introduction to the twin topics of human rights and human security.
  • The promotion of human rights has become a leading issue of global politics. 
  • This chapter explores history of the topic from its European origins to globalized version of the early twenty-first century. It examines some of the motivations of human rights groups, the tools they employ and the methods that states have used to promote human rights.
  • You will learn about state responsibility to intervene in other states that abuse human rights.

Key concepts and terms

  • Arab Spring
  • Charter rights
  • Common security
  • Human development
  • Human rights
  • Human security
  • Humanitarian intervention
  • Humanitarian intervention and state sovereignty
  • Liberal account of rights
  • Natural law
  • Nonintervention
  • Origins of the term human rights
  • Origins of the term human security
  • Standards of civilization
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights