The Illusionists: A Film about the Globalization of Beauty. 2015. Producer Elena Rossini. Media Education Foundation.

Documentary on the globalization of beauty.


Hue: Race, Ethnicity and a Matter of Colour. 2013. Director Vic Sarin. Sepia Films.

Documentary on colorism.


Black Is . . . Black Ain’t. 1994. Film-maker Marlon Riggs. California Newsreel.

Documentary that explores African American identity.


Black Women On: The Light Dark Thang. 1999. Film-maker Celeste Crenshaw. Women Make Movies.

Film that explores the politics of color within the African American community.


The Color of Beauty.  2013. Film-maker Elizabeth St. Philip. National Film Board of Canada.

Short documentary examining racism in the fashion industry.


Dark Girls. 2011. Film-makers Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry. Urban Winter Entertainment and Duke Media.

Documentary on attitudes and biases about skin color within the black culture.


Good Hair. 2010. Film-makers Kevin O'Donnell, Nelson George, Chris Rock, Jeff Stilson. Lionsgate.

Documentary on African American hair.


School Daze. 1988. Film-maker Spike Lee. Columbia Pictures Corporation.

Film that touches on colorism and hair texture bias.


Shadeism. 2010. Film-makers: Nayani Thiyagarajah, Brian Han, Vanessa Rodrigues, Leanne McAdams, and Derek Rider. Refuge Productions. (approximately 20 minutes).

Documentary on the discrimination between light and dark skin African, Caribbean, and South Asian women of one community.


The Skin Quilt Project. 2010. Film-maker Lauren Cross. Mae’s House Productions.

Documentary that explores colorism through the stories of African American quilters.