American Made. 2006. Film-maker Sharat Raju. Independent Lens.

Story about assimilation and identity of a Sikh American family.


Angel Island: A Story of Chinese Immigration. 2000. Films Media Group. 12 minutes.

Documentary about Angel Island in San Francisco Bay often described as the Ellis Island of the West.


Death of a Shaman. 2004. Film-makers Fahm Fong Saeyang and Fong Saeyang.

Presents the story of the unfulfilled pursuit of the American dream of a Southeast Asian man.


Golden Venture. 2006. Film-maker Peter Cohn. Hillcrest Films.

Presents the story of Chinese immigrants aboard the freighter Golden Venture.


La Caminata: The Journey. 2009. Film-maker Jamie Meltzer. New Day Films.

Examines the effect of migration on home communities.


Lost in Detention: The Hidden World of Immigration Enforcement. 2011. Film-maker Rick Young. PBS Frontline.

Investigation on Obama’s enforcement strategies and detainment experiences.


The New Americans. 2004. Film-makers Gordon Quinn, Gita Saedi and Steve James. Independent Lens.

Follows four years of the lives of immigrants and refugees in the United States.


New Year Baby. 2008. Film-maker Socheata Poeuv. Independent Lens.

Tells the story of a family that survived the Cambodian genocide and immigrated to the United States.


Rain in a Dry Land. 2007. Film-maker Anne Makepeace. PBS POV.

Chronicles the lives of Somali Bantu refugee families as they relocate to the United States.


Seeking Asian Female. 2013. Film-maker Debbie Lum. Independent Lens.

Documentary that follows the story of a white man seeking to marry an Asian woman.


Sentenced Home. 2006. Film-makers Nicole Newnham and David Grabias.

·         Documentary on Cambodian Americans experiencing deportation.


Sin País. 2012. Film-maker Theo Rigby. New Day Films. 

Examines a family’s deportation journey.


Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna). 2007. Film-maker Patricia Riggen. Fox Searchlight.

Story of an undocumented immigrant and her young son who is left behind in Mexico.


Which Way Home. 2009. Film-maker Rebecca Cammisa. Docurama Films.

Story of an immigrant son’s quest to reunite with his mother in the United States.


The Resettled. 2016. Producer Tzu Chi. USA 360.

Presents the stories of refugees who settled in the United States.


The Golden Dream. 2013. Director Diego Quemada-Díez. Animal De Luz Films.

Inocente. 2012. Directors Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine.

Story on a homeless undocumented immigrant intending to become an artist.


Who is Dayani Cristal? 2014.  Director Marc Silver. Pulse.

Documentary on the deaths of immigrants’ crossing the U.S.–Mexico border.


Llévate mis Amores/All of Me. 2014. Director Arturo González Villaseñor. Acanto Films.  

Tells the stories of women who live by the tracks of the train that brings Central American immigrants to the United States.