Web Exercise 1

What are people doing about racism? Start with these websites and then find your own websites. Notice the actions people in various places take for anti-racist projects.


Web Exercise 2: Websites That Analyze Racial Ideologies in Popular Culture

Question: How is color-blind racism incorporated in these different popular culture artifacts—a movie, song lyrics, and two television shows? What kinds of conversations are shut down by color-blind media? How has television media changed or not changed according to the claims in the 2014 piece, “TV Takes a New Approach”? How are culture and race intertwined in the analysis of the 2014 piece?


Web Exercise 3

Explain if the following news articles draw on a particular explanation: institutional racism, systemic racism, or structural racism:


Web Exercise 4

Watch the video “What Is Systemic Racism” and identify parallels to the chapter.