Finding Legislation: Video 4 for the end of the chapter

Video titled: Finding Legislation: Video 4 for the end of the chapter

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This question is asking us to look for a private Act this time. So remember the most Acts of parliament are public general Acts, but there are also private Acts that deal with particular local issues. And this is asking us to look for flood arches of the end of a particular bridge, so that sounds like a pretty local issue to me. So let’s start by going to ‘legislation’, as usual, and now because we're looking for a private Act (remember that private Acts are sometimes called local Acts as well), we can zoom in a little by going down here and clicking through to ‘Local Acts’ before we do our search. Now, we are looking for Gunthorpe Bridge, so we’ll start with the search for that in the free text and see what we get. Okay, so we’ve got four matches there for our search for Gunthorpe Bridge, all of which refer to the Nottinghamshire County Council Act of 1985. Only one of those, by the looks of it, has a particular statutory provision, a section, associated with it. So we can click through and see what that says.

So we’ve got Section 33 here which says that the bridge here means Gunthorpe Bridge, and what we are saying here is the county council “shall continue to ensure that the flood arches at each end of the bridge are at all times kept open and free for the passage of water.” So that's the provision that we're looking for; it’s Section 33 of the Nottinghamshire County Council Act, 1985.