Finding Legislation: Video 3 for the end of the chapter

Video titled: Finding Legislation: Video 3 for the end of the chapter

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We want to find out what legislation excepted the Brazilian Wolf spider from the provisions of The Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976. So we're here in Westlaw and we need to find a piece of legislation. So we’ll start by going to the ‘legislation’ tab, there, and it's unlikely that there are many pieces of legislation to talk about Brazilian Wolf spiders, so it's probably safe to have a bit of a go with the free text search, and we’ll see what that throws out for us. Search that.

So what we've got here is four results: that one relates to Northern Ireland; we’ve got one that relates to Scotland; and another one that relates to Northern Ireland, so we’ll discount those for the time being and have a look at this one - the third match there. Now this appears just to be an explanatory note, rather than a piece of legislation itself. So we'll have a look at the note and see what that says. Click through.

So what we've got here is an explanation as to what this particular statutory instrument is doing, and it looks like it is adding certain things to the definitions of dangerous wild animals such as the Argentine black-headed snake, the Peruvian racer - whatever they are - but then we’ve got “the following animals are no longer listed in the schedule,” including the Brazilian Wolf spider. So if we read the explanatory notes we’ll know that the answer is: The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 (Modification) (No. 2) Order 2007/2465.

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