Finding Legislation: Video 1 for the self-test questions

Video titled: Finding Legislation: Video 1 for the self-test questions

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So, we want to know what piece of legislation amended Section 39 of the Terrorism Act 2000 in 2007. So I'm using Lexis Library here, and we'll go off to the “Legislation” tab to search down this particular section. So we want the Terrorism Act 2000; there it is in the list. And we can say which section we want here, in the provision box. We want Section 39, so we'll send Lexus off to find that for us.

Okay, there is the wording of Section 39 as it stands at the moment. And if we scroll down to the bottom, we can see the various amendments here that have been made to it over time, three of which come from 2007, but they all come from the same statutory instrument here, SI 2007 3398, and a regulation that sits under those regulations 1(2). So, the other amendment here was an amendment to it that dates back from 2001. We are not interested in that; we want to know what happened in 2007. So let’s click through on this statutory instrument here. It's not particularly helpful in telling us immediately what the name of the regulations were, but you can actually find them down here, in the bottom right hand corner where it says “location”. And so we're looking for the Terrorism Act 2000, and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, (Amendment) Regulations 2007, which was statutory instrument 3398 of 2007. And that’s our answer.