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So we need, first of all, to find a case that involved police observation, undercover, of indecent behaviour in a churchyard back in September 1989. There's quite a lot that we know about the facts of this case, so we'll try going straight into the “Cases” tab and trying a free text search of “indecent behavior”, “churchyard”, and “1989” and see what that gives us.

Okay, so we've got two matches here, they're both criminal cases. The first one is from 2007. The second one is from 1992. Now, given that we know that the indecent behavior happened in September 1989, it's more likely that any appeal would have come before the courts in 1992 rather than 20-odd years later in 2007. We're not sure, but we'll start with Blake and DPP being our better guess of the two, and we will click through and see what we find.

So here we've got conjoined appeals, Blake and Austen. It's the Queen's Bench (Divisional Court). And we know that police officers watched the two appellants in a churchyard and convicted them of indecent behavior. We just want to check the date as well. So we'll spin down to see if we could find anything from the facts that absolutely convinces us that this is the right case. And here, actually, we're told that the operation of observing the churchyard happened on the 15th September 1989. So this is the case that we want. And we were asked - don't forget - to find out which judges considered the case, which we should find at the top. And there we are: our two judges in this particular case were Lord Justice Watkins and Mr. Justice Roch.