Challenging decisions: appeals, administrative and judicial review

The home page of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal is and of the Upper Tribunal is These give an introduction to the hearing centres around the country and provide access to practice directions and the forms that must be used to lodge an appeal. There is also a database of Upper Tribunal cases at The search facility is flexible, and, since 1 June 2013, it has included unreported decisions. The downside is that there is no longer a ready-made list of recent determinations. Recent decisions can be brought up by using a date as a search term. It is also possible to search only for country guideline cases (see chapter 11). is the home page of the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. Through this you can gain access to the code of standards and rules employed by the Commissioner, as well as OISC policy statements and newsletters. is the home page of the Immigration Law Practitioners Association and carries information about publications which may not be generally available as well as ILPA's submissions to government or Parliamentary committees on current matters.

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