The asylum process

There are many websites related to asylum and refugees. These are just a small selection. is the website of the independent advisory group on country information, which commissions independent updates on the Home Office’s country of origin information reports. These are advisory only, and the Home Office has discretion as to how much of the comments to take on board. is the website of the United Nations' Refugee Agency. It gives up to date news from around the world on refugees and situations which create refugees. The site is lively and informative, and there are links to information about publications, statistics, research papers and international documentation.

The website of the Refugee Council provides up to date notes on law and policy in the UK. It gives informed opinion on legal policy and its humanitarian implications. See a recent open letter about the quality of asylum decision-making:

Asylum Aid,, now part of the Migrants Resource Centre, also carries up to date news and policy issues.

Women for Refugee Women publish research on the experiences of refugee women and work with policy makers to make the case for a fairer asylum process. Their ‘Set Her Free’ campaign against the detention of refugee women has achieved widespread recognition and policy change.

See extensive listings on the resources page of

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