Activity 9: Applying the Formal Elements: Color

As a formal element of art, color can add emotion to a photograph through its use of intensity and saturation. Analogous colors can provide calm feelings while complementary colors can be unsettling. Color can be a powerful tool.

Discussion Board Activity:

In this exercise, create a photograph that shows your understanding of the formal element of color. You can create a photograph such as one that utilizes multiple color schemes, a single color, gradients of color and tone, or a range of color intensity. The only requirement is that your photograph must represent what you see around you and use color to create emphasis. (You cannot take a photograph of an image that already exists). This is an opportunity to share what you see in your daily life or to try a new technique.

In your discussion board post, include your photograph, explain how it conveys an idea or theme, and address the following statements/questions:

  • Describe the color used in your image.
  • Describe the hues, values, intensities, and other properties of color in your photograph.
  • How do those elements of color make you feel looking at the image?
  • What subjective opinions or feelings do you have when viewing this image?

Allow time for other students to comment on what they feel your photograph conveys, based on your objective use of value and their subjective understanding of it.