Activity 10: Applying the Formal Elements: Texture

As a formal element of art, texture can add visual interest, express an implied or actual sensation, or describe a surface of an artwork. Texture can be smooth, slippery, rough, cracked, wet, dry, or soft. In most photographs, texture is mainly visual (or implied) since most photographs have a smooth surface.

Discussion Board Activity:

In this exercise, you will create a photograph that shows your understanding of the formal element of texture. Pair texture with another formal element from this activity guide or textbook to create a photograph. For example, pair the elements of color and texture together to describe a particular theme or mood. Your photograph must represent what you see around you and use texture to create emphasis. (You cannot take a photograph of an image that already exists). This is an opportunity to share what you see in your daily life or to try a new technique.

In your discussion board post, include your photograph, explain how it conveys an idea or theme, and address the following statements/questions:

  • Describe the visual texture in your image.
  • Describe what you might feel if you were in the physical presence of the objects/place/location in the photograph. How do the visual, or formal, formal elements create a sense of implied visual texture? How do those elements of texture make you feel while looking at the image?
  • What subjective opinions or feelings do you have when viewing this image?

Allow time for other students to comment on what they feel your photograph conveys, based on your objective use of texture and their subjective understanding of it.