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. A human body stands. The head is made up of a tower shape. The body is made up of a sequence of transparent cubes of different sizes on top of each other. There are 3 sets of hands.
Figure 2.3. Example of rectilinear and geometric line. Andrew Myers, Stack #1, 2013. Mixed media on paper, 87 × 48 in. Collection of the artist.

Oregon artist Andrew Myers uses vertical and horizontal lines in the center "torso" area of his drawing. The ________ lines between the two arms convey a sense of stability and precision.

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. The figure of two men who sit near each other is drawn with jagged lines. The jagged lines are used both for the outline and shaded parts.
Figure 2.4. Example of jagged lines. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Gewecke and Erna, 1913. Drypoint, 10.06 × 8.19 in. Museum of Modern Art, New York.

In Gewecke and Erna by German expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, which of the following purposes do the lines' angular quality serve?

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. Four women stand showing their backs. Each of them wears long dresses with colorful designs of men with horses on the skirts and jackets. Behind them are paintings of four horses that stand one behind the other.
Figure 2.6. Linda Haukaas, Horse Nation, 2010. Colored pencil and ink on late 1800s ledger paper, 11.5 × 17.6 in., Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York. Credit: Gift of the Artist / Bridgeman Images.

Which of the following statements is true of the cross-contour lines used in Horse Nation by Sicangu Lakota artist Linda Haukaas?

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. The painting shows a tall window with doors on either side of it. The window has rectangular glass designs on it.
Figure 2.20 Vilhelm Hammershøi, Moonlight, Strandgade 30, 1900–1906. Oil on canvas, 16.125 × 20.125 in. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Low-key value represents light value colors. Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi makes use of value range in his painting of moonlight filtering through a window. The dark room contrasts with the light window and moonlight on the floor. The _______ values here evoke the stillness and calmness of night.

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. In the context of tactile texture, which of the following sculptures is most likely to create a sensation of lightness and freedom?

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. In the oil on canvas, people carry umbrellas and walk on the road and pavement.
Figure 2.41. Gustave Caillebotte, Paris Street; Rainy Day, 1877. Oil on canvas, 83.5 × 108.75 in. Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois.

In French artist Gustave Caillebotte's Paris Street; Rainy Day, three people hold umbrellas at the bottom right of the painting. Which of the following techniques is used to help create the illusion of depth?

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. Men sit and stand around a large table that has vegetables and fruits on it. Few men stand near two small tables. One table has teapots on it. Food is cooked on another table.

Figure 2.49. Huizong of Song, Literary Gathering, 1100–1125 CE. Ink and light color on silk, 72.6 × 48.8 in. National Palace Museum, Shilin district, Taipei, China.

Consider the given Chinese Song Dynasty silk painting, where all the figures remain consistent in scale. In this context, which of the following perspectives places distant images higher in the picture plane without making them smaller?

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. A small red turbine is shown.

Figure 2.39. Peter Christian Johnson, Red Turbine, Construction Series, 2011. Ceramic, stains, linseed oil, tractor paint, 23.5 × 23.5 × 16.5 in. Collection of the artist.

In Red Turbine by Ohio artist Peter Christian Johnson, the blades of the sculpture, its mass, radiate out and activate the _________ space.

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. The painted wood has many rectangular partitions. Different shapes are inside each partition. One has a wheel shape, while another has vertical rods next to each other. Another has curved and zigzag lines.
Figure 2.21. Louise Nevelson, Dawn's Wedding Chapel IV, 1960. Painted wood, 109 × 87 × 13.5 in. Private collection. Bridgeman Images: XIR66489

Since all the wood in American artist Louise Nevelson's Wedding Chapel IV is painted white, the value key is ______, lightening the mood.

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. Twelve pieces of cloth with different designs are arranged in a 3 rows and 4 columns pattern.
Figure 2.29. Rita Mae Pettway, "Housetop" twelve-block "Half-Log Cabin" variation, ca. 1975. Cotton, cotton/polyester blend, corduroy, 84 × 70 in. Photo credit: Pitkin Studio / Art Resource, NY, ART573710.

Using a color scheme is more like following a recipe than a rigid rule. In "Housetop" quilt, American artist Rita Mae Pettway uses a __________ color scheme that combines a wide range of values and intensities with expressive results. The colors follow no set color scheme. Instead, they dance and weave through the quilt, resulting in more spontaneous color combinations.