Global Patterns and Drivers of Biodiversity

Go to the map of Terrestrial Ecoregions of the World.

Locate your home on the map, and use the color key at right to identify the terrestrial ecoregion in which you live. After identifying your ecoregion, use the following sequence:

1.   Open “Datasets”

2.   Using the dropdown arrow on the right, select “Tools,” and then “Select by Attribute.” In the dialogue boxes, select “ECO_SYM” and “equals,” and then enter the number of the ecoregion you identified initially.

3.   Click “Submit.”

4.   In the dialog box that appears at the top of the map, use the “Selection” drop-down to select “filter layer by selection” option. This allows you to see which other places on earth share the same ecoregion as where you live. Identify three other places covered by the same ecoregion you live in.

 5. Also under “Selection,” select “show attributes.” This will generate a table

Questions for Writing and Discussion

Summarize your findings in a brief paragraph. Exchange your findings with a student from some other part of the country, if possible. Discuss your reactions to what you have learned about your ecoregion.

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