Habitat Loss, Fragmentation, and Degradation

Habitat Loss

  • Primary drivers of habitat loss
  • Box 9.1 Challenges & Opportunities: Land Sharing versus Land Sparing 
  • Box 9.2 Success Story: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of Detroit 
  • Habitat loss by biome 
  • Box 9.3 Case in Point: The Unsustainable Use of Palm Oil 
  • Future development threats 

Habitat Fragmentation

  • Biological consequences of fragmentation 
  • Species-specific responses to fragmentation 

Habitat Degradation

  • Pollution 
  • Desertification 
  • Erosion and sedimentation 

Metapopulations and Landscape Mosaics

  • The “classic” metapopulation model 
  • Source-sink dynamics 
  • Conservation of metapopulations 
  • Box 9.4 Conservation in Practice: The Mainland-Island Metapopulation Model
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