Global Patterns and Drivers of Biodiversity

Biodiversity through Geologic Time

  • Formation of early life
  • Radiation events 
  • Historical extinctions 

Global Patterns of Biodiversity 

  • How many species are there? 
  • Box 4.1 Case in Point: Discovery of a New Way to Make Life 
  • Box 4.2 Success Story: Rediscovery of an Extinct Species 
  • Box 4.3 Case in Point: Discovery of the Human Biome 
  • Realms, biomes, and ecoregions 
  • The most diverse ecoregions 
  • Biodiversity hotspots 
  • Latitudinal gradients 

Drivers of Biodiversity 

  • Evolutionary drivers 
  • Ecological drivers 
  • Synopsis 
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