Conservation and Sustainable Development

What Is Sustainable Development?

International Efforts to Achieve Sustainable Development

  • The United Nations 
  • International conventions 

Funding for Sustainable Development

  • The World Bank 
  • Global Environment Facility 
  • Individual governments 
  • Non-governmental organizations 
  • Box 17.1 Challenges & Opportunities: China’s Belt and Road Initiative 
  • Box 17.2 Success Story: Snow Leopard Enterprises 

Examples of Sustainable Development Projects

  • Ecotourism and biodiversity 
  • Illegal wildlife trade 
  • Box 17.3 Case in Point: Should the Ban on Elephant Ivory Trade Be Lifted? 
  • Fisheries 
  • Climate change 

The Future Success of Sustainable Development

Box 17.4 Conservation in Practice: The Social Progress Index 

Concluding Remarks

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