Climate Change

Anthropogenic Climate Change 

Predicted Response to Climate Change 

  • Methods and models 
  • Current forecasts 
  • Box 12.1 Conservation in Practice: Toward Mechanistic Climate Envelope Models 

Documented Responses to Climate Change

  • Population decay and local extirpation
  • Box 12.2 Case in Point: Meet the First Species to Go Extinct Because of Anthropogenic Climate Change 
  • Geographic range shifts 
  • Altered phenologies 
  • Biome regime shifts and alternative states 
  • Change in ecosystem services 

Managing Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity

  • Establishing refugia and safe havens 
  • Optimizing migration pathways 
  • Building evolutionary resilience 
  • Box 12.3 Challenges & Opportunities: Assisted Colonization: A Key Tool for Conservation, or Pandora’s Box? 
  • Using biodiversity for climate mitigation 
  • Developing green infrastructure 
  • Box 12.4 Success Story: China’s Sponge City Program: Using Green Infrastructure to Mitigate Natural Disasters 
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