Brown/Closser, Foundations of Global Health Student Resources

Case studies for Section 9, Violence.

Emory Global Health Institute Case Writing Team, “¡Alto a la Violencia!” Reducing Gun Violence in Honduras

Students learn about the determinants of violence in Honduras and research and present interventions for reducing this violence.


Paula Johnson and Rachel Gordon, Dr. Sam Thenya: A Women’s Health Pioneer

This case follows the establishment of several facilities in Kenya devoted to women’s health, with particular attention to violence against women. Instructors will need to develop their own questions to pose to students about this case.


Novick et al., Adolescent Suicide Prevention

Students investigate the epidemiology of adolescent suicide in Onondaga County, New York, and consider prevention strategies.


Pabo et al., HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing in Hinche, Haiti

This case describes a public health intervention based on Paul Farmer’s analysis of structural violence (Reading 34). Students learn about voluntary counseling and testing for HIV, as well as treatment, in a program run by Partners in Health in Haiti. They consider how to sustain a broad basket of services for HIV-positive people. There is a follow-up case, Two Years in Hinche.