Videos and web resources for Section 6, Food.

Food Insecurity in the United States – Feeding America

An interactive map of food insecurity in the United States. Students can explore rates of food insecurity in their home counties and compare them with other areas of the country.


Obesity Prevalence Maps – CDC

These maps of obesity prevalence in the United States are especially interesting paired with the information on food insecurity. Students can examine and discuss the significant differences in rates of obesity in different states.


The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2015 – Food and Agriculture Organization

Interactive maps show rates of food insecurity globally. Students can compare these with rates of poverty and water insecurity in the maps in the Conceptual Tools for Sections 3 and 4.


A Silent Epidemic – PBS

Photojournalists describe a project in collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) documenting global malnutrition. The film covers many key issues, including the invisibility of much malnutrition and the nature of food aid. (13 min)


Undernutrition: Understanding the Context – United Nations REACH

This participatory film made in Bangladesh underlines the social determinants of hunger. The introduction and a short excerpt from the film (e.g., from about 15:00–20:00) can be shown in class to illustrate key issues. (24 min)


Food, Inc. – Robert Kenner

This 2009 feature-length documentary explores Big Food in the United States.


Cooked – Michael Pollan

This 4-hour Netflix documentary explores many aspects of food and cooking. Episode 2, “Water,” dovetails well with many issues of global Big Food explored in this textbook.


Super Size Me – Morgan Spurlock

In this 2004 feature-length documentary, Morgan Spurlock eats only McDonald’s food for 30 days. While less academic than other films on this list, it is accessible and entertaining.

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