Videos and web resources for Section 5, Air.



Three Reasons We Still Haven’t Gotten Rid of Malaria – Sonia Shah

In this TED Talk, author Sonia Shah lays out the basics of malaria and, taking a historical perspective, looks at why malaria eradication failed in the 1960s and why it will be so difficult to achieve now. Shah asks the question, What if we attacked this disease according to the priorities of the people who lived with it?


Dark Forest Black Fly

This documentary follows the onchocerciasis (river blindness) control program in Uganda sponsored by The Carter Center. It discusses vector control of blackflies, as well as mass treatment with ivermectin. (60 min)


Island Fever

A short introduction to Chikungunya, focusing on control efforts in Grenada. (15 min)




Addiction Incorporated

This feature-length muckraking documentary follows the history of the tobacco industry in the United States.


Thank You for Smoking

This a satirical feature-length film about a spokesman for tobacco companies who is also trying to be a role model for his son.


Tobacco: John Oliver from This Week Tonight

This is a hard-hitting and humorous exposé of the tactics of international tobacco companies to squelch public health campaigns in low-and middle-income countries by threatening lawsuits. (2015, 20 minutes)




An Inconvenient Truth – Davis Guggenheim and Al Gore

This 2006 Academy Award – winning feature-length film is still a useful primer on climate change, compellingly presenting the evidence that human activities are leading to large-scale climate impacts.

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