Section 5 Cases for Teaching and Learning

Case studies for Section 5, Air.

Shehnaz Alidina and Jessica Paulus, Malaria and DDT in Uganda

This case explores the controversy over DDT use in malaria control in Uganda. DDT is a cheap and effective insecticide against malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. But it also affects the environment – especially for birds. This is a good topic for a debate.


Bitton et al., Tobacco Control in South Africa

Tobacco use is huge cause of premature death throughout the world. In this case, students must consider what steps the government of South Africa could or should take to curb tobacco use in a context of tobacco industry interference. There is also a follow-up case, Tobacco Control in South Africa: Next Steps.


Gutiérrez-Avila et al., Air Quality and Public Health in Megacities: Has Air Quality Improved Due to Driving Restrictions in Mexico City?

Air quality in the huge world urban centers – like Mexico City – is terrible. This case study requires students to evaluate an effort to improve air quality in Mexico City. This detailed case describes the determinants of poor air quality in Mexico City, a program aimed at addressing those issues, and the political context of air-quality interventions.


National Institutes of Health, Climate Change and Human Health

Students can dig into the 2016 Climate and Health Assessment to lay out the drivers, mediators, and impacts of climate change on human health.

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