Videos and web resources for Section 4, Water.

Baseball in the Time of Cholera

This documentary describes the 2010 Haitian cholera epidemic from the perspective of a young baseball player and delves into the controversy surrounding the source of the epidemic (likely United Nations peacekeeping troops). (30 min)


Foul Water Fiery Serpent

This documentary follows the Carter Center’s dracunculiasis (Guinea worm) eradication program in sub-Saharan Africa. It explains the epidemiology of the disease and describes the effort to eradicate it, focusing particularly on the young Americans involved in the eradication effort. Short excerpts can easily be used as part of classroom lectures. (60 min)


Trachoma: Defeating a Blinding Curse

A second documentary following a Carter Center program, this film follows the Trachoma Control Program in rural Amhara, Ethiopia. Trachoma is a water-washed disease. Again focusing primarily on American staff, this documentary describes the strategy of latrine building, face-washing, treatment, and surgery. (60 min)


Bad Data and Worse Decisions Poisoned Flint – What’s the Point? Five Thirty Eight podcast

This podcast features the author of Chapter 16 discussing the Flint water crisis, covering many of the issues in that reading. (30 min)


The Warriors of Qiugang

This documentary follows a conflict between a Chinese village and a chemical company over water contamination. (39 min)


Flow: For Love of Water

This feature-length documentary explores the impact of water privatization worldwide.


Aqueduct – World Resources Institute

This website contains maps and predictions of global water supply and shortage. Students can use these maps along with the maps in the Conceptual Tools in this section for a fuller understanding of the areas of the world most affected by water and sanitation issues. The future predictions can also be used in discussions of the impact of increased water scarcity globally with population growth and climate change.

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