Brown/Closser, Foundations of Global Health Student Resources

Case studies for Section 3, Metrics and the Burden of Disease.

Mary Applegate and Debra Blog, Maternal Mortality

In this case, students must classify maternal deaths in the United States. The system described here is interesting to compare with what is happening in Adeola Oni-Orisan’s description of counting maternal mortality in Nigeria.


Brooks et al., The Global Trachoma Mapping Project

This case describes the process of developing a surveillance and mapping system for trachoma cases globally.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Establishing an Injury Surveillance System

In this case, students must design a surveillance system for injury surveillance in children in Massachusetts and then use data to determine what public health priorities should be. Students practice calculating years of Life Lost, which can also be helpful in understanding the Disability Adjusted Life Years concept. Students can learn about sources of current health data by being asked to update the information on page 4.


Cibula et al., Community Health Assessment: Onandaga County, New York and Pitt County, North Carolina

In these two cases (similar except for the setting), students go through the process of deciding how to carry out a community health assessment in New York or North Carolina, including determining what indicators to use and figuring out how to collect data.


Madore et al., Electronic Medical Records at the ISS Clinic in Mbarra, Uganda

In this case, students learn about keeping electronic records for HIV/AIDS cases in Uganda. It addresses the political and funding aspects of sustaining disease surveillance programs.