Brown/Closser, Foundations of Global Health Student Resources

Videos and web resources for Section 2, Epidemiology and the Basic Methods of Global Health.

FRED Measles Epidemic Simulator

This website simulates measles epidemics in various cities in the United States at different levels of vaccination coverage.


MMWR QuickStats

This website provides a range of recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) releases about the epidemiology of a variety of diseases and risk factors in the United States. It usefully introduces students to the range of epidemiological work that the CDC does.



The following freely available resources are available for those who want to engage in self-study of the field of epidemiology.


Public Health 101 – CDC

Sections of this course are included in this book (Chapter 10). The entire course is freely available online, and it provides an excellent introduction to epidemiology.


Supercourse: Epidemiology, the Internet and Global Health – WHO Collaborating Center, University of Pittsburgh

This is a repository of over 200,000 lecture slides in epidemiology and global health. Many complex topics and methodologies are presented with clear animations.


Activepi Web – David Kleinbaum

This is a free online interactive multimedia textbook covering the basics of epidemiology.