Section 13 Videos and Web Resources

Videos and web resources for Section 13, Ethics, Projects and Human Rights: The Future of Global Health.

Satirical Websites

The following websites and videos, funny and cutting, are great for sparking class discussion around issues of representation and privilege.

Humanitarians of Tinder

Barbie Savior

6-Day Visit to Rural African Village Completely Changes Woman’s Facebook Profile Picture

The Radi-Aid App: Change a Life with Just One Swipe

Who Wants to Be a Volunteer?




Tiny Spark

Tiny Spark is an independent news source that investigates “the business of doing good.” In addition to articles, the website includes an archive of a podcast. Many of the podcast episodes and articles are excellent foundations for discussion on ethics with topics including tracking aid dollars in Haiti; whether a business mindset has a place in philanthropy; and whether in-kind donations are a good idea. Students may particularly enjoy the podcast episode: “TOMS Shoes—Is It Good Aid?”




Learning from Failure – David Damberger

This TedX Talk by an engineer working on water projects is an accessible introduction to the importance of accountability to communities rather than to donors. It also discusses Engineers Without Borders’ decision to produce an annual “Failure Report.” In addition, Engineers Without Borders has a small catalogue of failures in different NGOs at


Poverty, Money, and Love – Jessica Jackley

The founder of reflects on the ethics of giving.




Ethics in Epidemics, Emergencies and Disasters: Research, Surveillance and Patient Care – Global Health Training Centre

This 10-hour course in Global Health Ethics is a useful resource for advanced self-study. It covers issues of ethics in public health surveillance, research and care provision.


First, Do No Harm: A Qualitative Research Documentary

This documentary, designed as a pretraining orientation for students engaging in overseas projects, explores the ethical issues involved in medical volunteer projects.

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