Section 12 Cases for Teaching and Learning

Case studies for Section 12, Health Communication.

S. Arnquist and R. Weintraub, loveLife: Preventing HIV Among South African Youth

This case explores the HIV prevention program loveLife in South Africa. Students learn about the messaging and social mobilization strategies of the program and consider what to do when the program loses a funding source. There is a follow-up case at The Global Health Delivery Project.


Castens et al., Alcohol Abuse in Urban Moshi, Tanzania

In this case, students must consider options to decrease alcohol use, which is a major cause of traumatic brain injury, at a hospital in Moshi, Tanzania. Students weigh a range of policy options including legislation restricting alcohol sales and increasing punishments for drunk driving, as well as tax policies and health education.


Leigh Gantner, Food Advertising Policy in the United States

This case explores the US industry of marketing food to children and its impacts on health. Students learn about the regulatory agencies involved in the United States and propose a policy for regulating food marketing aimed at children. It could be used with the following case focusing on childhood obesity prevention in California.


Lindsey Cox McDermid and Nancy M. Kane, Childhood Obesity Prevention in California

In this case, students take the perspective of California public health officials during the Schwarzenegger administration. Students consider a range of policy options to prevent childhood obesity, including (but not limited to) education campaigns.


Napolitano et al., Cervical Cancer and its Impact on the Burden of Disease

Students are tasked with presenting a cervical cancer prevention program to the Tanzanian Ministry of Health, including determining how best to educate the public about the use of Pap smears. This case, written in 2012, does not consider HPV vaccination.

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