Section 10 Cases for Teaching and Learning

Case studies for Section 10, A History of Health Institutions and Programs.

There is unfortunately a dearth of teaching cases with a historical perspective. However, students can deepen their understandings of global health history by applying historical lessons to modern global health projects. For the cases listed here, we suggest prompts that can be used to encourage students to apply historical thinking to modern case studies. These prompts assume that students have read the selections in this section of the book.


Brooks et al., The Global Trachoma Mapping Project

In this case, students learn about the global effort to control trachoma.

Suggested prompt: Design two projects to control trachoma: one that takes the form of a vertical program, and one based on primary health care. Which approach is closer to the one adopted by the Global Trachoma Mapping Project? What lessons might those running this project take from history?


R. Dhillon and J. Rhatigan. The Measles Initiative

This case describes the Measles Initiative, a global effort to control (and perhaps ultim-ately eradicate) measles through vaccination campaigns.

Suggested prompt: Create a policy brief for the Measles Initiative on historical lessons for modern measles control and elimination efforts. You should cover three historical lessons that modern planners should keep in mind.

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