Brown/Closser, Foundations of Global Health Student Resources

Case studies for Section 1, Milestones in Global Health.

Marcia Harrison-Pitaniello et al., Campus Outbreak! Modeling Seasonal Influenza

This PowerPoint-based case study introduces the idea of mathematical modeling for predicting the spread of influenza and evaluating the effects of potential interventions. Students can use an online tool to explore different outcomes.


Jaclyn McLean and Ram Veerapaneni, Cancer Cluster or Coincidence?

This case highlights the different approaches of public health and medicine. Students consider whether a cluster of cancer cases is worth investigating.


Andrea Nicholas and Isabella Villano, Disease along the River: A Case Study and Cholera Outbreak Game

This simulation game illustrates the epidemiology and prevention of cholera.


Annie Prud’homme-Généreux and Carmen Petrick, Why Was the 1918 Influenza So Deadly? An Intimate Debate Case

In this classroom debate, students explore the social as well as the biological causes of the 1918 flu pandemic.


Oregon State University, John Snow and the Cholera Epidemic

This case study brings students through the steps of John Snow’s outbreak investigation. It was designed for juniors and seniors in high school but is useful for teaching first-year college students or could be adapted for older students.