Chapter 3 Web links

Research designs

Longitudinal Research

This paper looks in detail at the role of longitudinal research in the social sciences. Written by Elisabetta Ruspini, it considers different types of longitudinal research designs and the advantages and limitations of this form of research.

Study of Australian Leadership (SAL)

The Study of Australian Leadership (SAL) is a national survey that provides a comprehensive picture of leadership in Australian organizations, allowing us to assess how leadership impacts workplace performance, innovation, and employee outcomes. Its dataset surveyed almost 8,000 individuals across 2,703 organisations and 2,561 workplaces.

Workplace Employment Relations Survey

This site provides information about the Workplace Employment Relations Survey. This is an example of a large-scale survey that has made a significant contribution to our understanding of specific issues over a number of years. A must-see site for those with an interest in this area.

International Journal of Cross Cultural Management

This link will take you to introductory information about the International Journal of Cross Cultural Management. This journal contains a number of articles that look to assess management issues that apply across different contexts.

Selecting which method to choose

The table on this website provides an overview of the major methods that can be used for data collection which may inform your decision on the best method to use in your project.