Chapter 25 Web links

Computer-assisted qualitative data analysis: using NVivo


This is the home page of the organization which develops different CAQDAS products, including NVivo.

NVivo QSR YouTube Channel

A Youtube Channel written by QSR. It includes Webinars and tutorials in several languages, covering all key topics, from input to output and rudimentary analysis. The resources are also available for Mac users.

CAQDAS Networking Project

This site is part of the CAQDAS Networking Project based at the University of Surrey. It contains information on an extensive range of material relating to CAQDAS.

Choosing a CQADAS package

This paper offers a summary of types of software for managing textual or qualitative data as a starting point for thinking about which one may be most suited to the type of project and data you are working with and the way you like to work.

Using word in qualitative data analysis

If you do not want to use CAQDAS, this offers an alternative: a workshop overview with simple techniques for word processing software.