Chapter 20 Web links

Interviewing in qualitative research

General guidelines

This guide is written by Carter McNamara and can be located through the Management Assistance Program for non-profit making organizations website. The guide contains a great deal of practical advice about how to conduct a qualitative interview.

Interviewing elites QualitativeInterview-InternationalBusinessResearch.htm

This is a fascinating article about the potential pitfalls of interviewing elites in organizations. This is an important issue for business researchers who often need to interview very senior managers as part of their research.

Skype interviews as a tool for qualitative research

This paper highlights the advantages and disadvantages of using Skype to conduct qualitative interviews. 

 Using email interviews

This Realities toolkit draws on the author's experience of using email interviews in a multi-method study of older music fans. It reflects on the method affected data collection and analysis, and discusses how email interviews works in practice.

What is qualitative interviewing?

This is an accessible and comprehensive ‘what is’ and ‘how to’ methods book on qualitative interviewing. It is distinctive in emphasizing the importance of good practice in understanding and undertaking qualitative interviews within the framework of a clear philosophical position by Rosalind Edwards and Janet Holland.