Chapter 2 Web links

Business research strategies


Marxism is an example of a grand theory, and this review, written by Frank Elwell of Rogers State University, summarizes the key elements of Marx's argument. It also includes a section on Marx ‘In His Own Words’ as well as links to other sites of interest to those using Marxist ideas in their research strategy.

Hypothetico-deductive theory

This page is part of the ‘sociology central’ website maintained by Chris Livesey. It gives a brief overview of the hypothetico-deductive theory, which is the basis for many deductive studies carried out within business research. Follow the link on the page for more detailed information.

Introduction to theory of knowledge

This video looks at the distinction and line between knowing and just believing phenomena. It has a particular focus on factors like truth and confidence. Within the same series there are plenty more videos to explore.

Sociological paradigms and organizational analysis

An interview with Gareth Morgan, one of the most creative and innovative thinkers within organizational analysis today. This specific interview considers some of his major contributions to the field such as his location of Organizational Analysis within Sociological Paradigms and his more recent idea of the value of metaphors in understanding organizations.