Chapter 19 Web links

Ethnography and participant observation

Visual Sociology Group

The Visual Sociology Group, a study group of the British Sociological Association (BSA), has produced a statement of ethical practice for researchers using visual methods. For further information on the ethical statement, click the link below:

Image copyright

More information on the legal position regarding copyright of photographs in the UK can be found at the following websites, where links to other national copyright sites can also be found.

Ethnography overview

This is an extensive guide to observational research, including ethnography, which covers many of the key issues faced by researchers wishing to use this method as part of their research design. It is provided by the Colorado State University Writing Center.

Lecture series

This link will take you to a series of lecture notes on ethnography and participant observation. They have been compiled by Professor Hervé Varenne from Colombia University.

Creative ethnography

This site covers some different methods to traditional ethnography, including: social media analytics, eye tracking, scrapbooks, discovery forums, vox pops, and online diaries.

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